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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 30, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>>megyn: governor romney will take to the stage one-on-one with you in the living room to make the case to put him in the white house. bret baier and i will be back at 10:00 p.m. eastern and we would love do know what you thought of last night's events. follow me on twitter and let me know what you thought about the speech and what you hope to hear tonight. thanks for watching, everyone. >>shepard: while you are dealing with politics in louisiana they are dealing with yet another natural disaster. good afternoon from louisiana, east on interstate ten from new orleans across lake pontchartrain on the north shore of the lake. if you figure that storm has been spinning in this way, right? spinning and spinning, we are on that side, it pushed water and wind into this town. as you can see, it is flooded a great deal. look down here, the roof to interstate ten, everything is underwater, they have affected hundreds of evacuations in the general area today but there is flooding all across this region. the storm has brought flood
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waters with up to 5' of water in some areas and off the we river officials say there are 3' to 4 feet of water. here, there are 4 feet of water in the homes. we will take you around this area to show you what folks are dealing with. first, there is an emergency developing in the town of robert, louisiana. that is all on the north shore of the lake. in that particular town they have a problem because a river that runs from the state of mississippi, upriver, in macomb or near macomb, mississippi, in a state park, there was a dam and there is a fear the dam is about to break. the break is imminent. they are working to evacuate 60,000 people who are downriver in and around a town of robert, louisiana, where casey is standing by, like. casey, an update?
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>>casey: this is a river 122 miles long originating in southwest mississippi running all the way through the state of louisiana, and, actually, empties into lake pontchartrain where you are. right here in robert, louisiana, about 40 miles, or so, west of you, a very small community, on the very most southern point along the tangipaho anacostia river, with evacuations of up to 60,000 people along the stretch of river, a mile to the east of the bay and one mile to the west of the bank of this river. i'm looking at it and we cannot bring you live pictures right now but our equipment is saturated from coverage of the storm. we are look at the river and it is already spills over the banks and i am also on the other side of myself, where i am standing,
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there is a home, and the water is already starting to creep up into the front yard of this home. we have not had any kind of a breach of the dam in mississippi as of yet. you mentioned that it could possibly were imminent. that is what we hear from officials. if that dam breaks, it and going to send an extreme amount of water into the river and it will go all the way down, flooding towns potential all along the banks. this is a very fluid situation. the governor of the state, governor jindal, is in a helicopter assessing the damage, looking at the banks of the river. we are expecting an update from him shortly. when we can bring you like pictures from here, to show you what we are talking about, we will. >>shepard: casey, it is my understanding that upriver from there, there was a lake at the top, near breaking.
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>>casey: that is right, because of the extreme amount of rain that isaac has dumped. we still sitting in pouring rain right here. we are going on day two of torrential downpours and the lake in south mississippi is spilling over and putting pressure on the dam. that is the concern, it could break. we also have heard reports from local officials up in mississippi that they may try to punch a hole intentionally into a portion of that to try to relieve some of the pressure out of the lake into a wooded area so it would not affect homes. that is something they are trying to work on at this hour as we speak. >>trace: that is casey live for us in louisiana.
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we lot the satellite of shepard smith. back to him in a moment. casey is talking about lake tangipa ho. on the phone is the governor of mississippi. what is the situation in your state, governor, right now, after what is believed to be some 2' of rain hitting in and around your their? >> what we have, of course, is flooding upstate from the mississippi gulf coast. i am just now leaving gulfport, mississippi, headed to the pike county area to get to the state park and move forward into the lake area. we have heavy rains, obviously. hurricane force winds here. we have a huge surge at 11 to 14' in some areas with high tide at 10:00 a.m. and it backed up the rivers and allowed this heavy rain, then, to fill the
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lakes, including this 700-acre lake. our plan includes a controlled break. this is a very small break near the levee with engineers from the department of environmental quality and the corps of engineer whose approved our plan to relieve some of the pressure. now, we feel very good about what we are doing. we have the best engineers in the state of mississippi that are familiar with this break. the levee is not imminent. we believe we can control it. i cannot guarantee that. i was on the phone with governor jindal today and letting him know we are doing everything that is humanly possible from this side. we feel fairly confident now, although it is not certain, that the controlled break will relieve the pressure, bring the water level down and divert the water away from the river.
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>>shepard: governor bryant, we certainly hope so. this is shepard smith across the border in slidell. i am curious about your assessment of the coastal areas where we have seen a lot of flooding. >>caller: it is heavy. is this shepard? >>shepard: yes. >>caller: you have seen it. it is nothing like katrina. but it is remarkable yesterday was the 7th anniversary of katrina. we will have a lot of damage due to flooding because this water was much higher inland than we had anticipated. nothing like the 28' surge we had. over the last seven years we have raised houses up 23'. we have made sure that most of our public buildings can withstand 200-mile-per-hour wind. we have 1,500 national guard on site and conducted 70
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search-and-rescue missions. we have only had one fatality. a wrecker driver was hit by a falling tree as he pulled a vehicle out of water. we feel good about our response. we think that the outer band is passing through. i am in hancock county, just coming through with just light rain and a little bit of wind. now we are concerned about macomb, mississippi, and getting this controlled break at the lake. >>shepard: governor bryant, all the best to you. one of the problems is, the rains just come out of nowhere. look over here, seconds ago we were in absolutely bright sunshine. this is not something you would not expect in a hurricane but i have been covering hurricanes for 20 or 25 years and never seen one it is and spin in this way and just relentlessly pound people day in and day out.
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this is the reason that everything is flooding. it dries out for five minutes and in one big downpour you can get an inch of rain. there is no way for the pumping stations in and along plaquemine s perish, no way to handle this rain at this volume for this period. they are doing their best but there was no way to predict this is how it would go down. now to the other side of slidell where they are dealing with on-and-off rains. >>reporter: it just hit us. i am not that far from you and i have covered hurricanes for a long-term and it came on us fast. look at the folks down here, wading through, and this is characterric -- characteristic of what happened here.
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they got trapped and stuck in the middle of the road and another truck is trying to get through and people wading through the water. in katrina, as you know, the day africa friend, the night of the landfall of katrina, everyone thought they were out of the woods. the next morning is when the levees gay wave and -- gave way and there was a problem. it is similar here. we are certainly getting the day-after effect outweighing what happened as the storm hit. i hope you are more dry than i am. i have a feeling you are not. >>shepard: i'm not. it is just incredible. if you point down there, if you can, this whole street is flooded. it has been flooded the entire day. residents say they woke up about 2:00 in the morning after being told "you are fine, there is no water coming here," and the storm surge and the winds kept
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coming. it literally took lake pontchartrain and pushed it into this town. now, this area of town called old slidell has flooded once in the memory of anyone and that was during hurricane katrina. during katrina you had an unbelievable set of circumstances. aside from that, this has never flooded. they have upped the levees and upped the protection areas and thought this would not happen again. here we are, it has happened again. this area here beyond the interstate 10 sign, that area has never flooded before. all brand new territory for people in this community. in a minute we will meet the people who have had to evacuate in the middle of the night and the usually morning and the law enforcement officers who helped them. we will take you to south mississippi where the flooding is incredible. steve harrigan has been there for the last few days. we will also go back to robert,
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louisiana, where there is a danger of a dam breaking and they are working to evacuate some 60,000 poll. the disaster of isaac rolls on. i am shepard smith with continuing coverage on this special "studio b." direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones!
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>>shepard: continuing coverage of isaac which is headed to the northwest and around baton rouge, louisiana, still just creeping along and delivering incredible amounts of rain across louisiana, south mississippi, and lower alabama. we were headed to mississippi this morning from new orleans to cover the damage in south mississippi when we heard about this unbelievable flooding in slidell, louisiana. so we got off the interstate, came up to what turned out to be an evacuation center. people had been picked up out of their homes in alter -- all-
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terrain vehicles, so they could get folks in and out. the first person we met was the lady in blue. it was raining to beat the band. >>shepard: you have been through it? >>guest: hell, yes. >>shepard: tell me what happened. >>guest: the dam water just rolled up on us. i can't do it. >>shepard: you stayed in katrina and rode it out? >>guest: yes. >>shepard: now, all that water is back. and slidell is soaked. >>guest: it was up to the 2nd step on my porch. >>shepard: that was enough? >>guest: i was ready to go. >>shepard: the rescue operations happening all day. >>guest: we rescued almost 100 people so far with about 25 still on the list. >>shepard: the police chief says here the floodwater today is worse than in katrina. >>guest: the rainfall amounts were torrential. we also experienceed the surge.
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it is a mess. it is fought what we expected. >>shepard: you look down the streets and all the people, no one evacuated around here. >>guest: no, this was unforeseen. in fact, although katrina was seven years ago, not until a year and a half ago this neighborhood took to rebuilding so, this is just a total low blow. >>shepard: a disaster for people waiting home for others who will not leave home and, still, others trying to escape. >>guest: we want to get out. >>shepard: no one predicted this. not for here. not with this storm. but, this morning, suddenly, chaos. >>guest: well, yes, the water coming up through the manholes and it started coming out. when you look out there, you can see what a mess. >>shepard: coming out of the manholes, you look down, and the
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entire neighborhood is underwater. no predictions when the people can get back home. the lake is down this street. keep going you run into lake important train and it pushed to here. it would like to drain but kit not go back to the lake because the lake is high because the water is pushing it this way, so all of this water is moving in that direction. sadly, in that direction is a nursing home. right now they are evacuating a nursing home because the water started at the first step and has been risen and is now getting into the nursing home. our crews are there. we will take through in a minute. but, first, to mississippi, a town that is the home of brett favre would played for the university of southern mississippi before going off to the packers. you know the rest of that story. they have problems in this city and our correspondent, steve harrigan, is live there. steve? >>steve: this is the housing complex known as jordan hills.
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two hours ago you could see jordan river under here. it has come up a foot since then. you can only see the jordan. the concern is this highway could be topped over. this is a complex of 1,500 houses. half are 3' or 4' underwater. most have rebuilt since katrina. there are two groups of people would live there, those stuck in their house whose occasionally can get out or get out because of boats and the people on the street looking in cannot get their house. so it has been tough. we have seen people pull out possessions on rafts or boats and they are without electric power, 150,000 people in southern mississippi, without power. it is tough even if them. they are say, but they have no electricity or air conditioning. >>shepard: no doubt. you talk about air conditioning, it is labor day weekend, and you may think "fall," if you live in the northeast of the united
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states, fall is two months away down here. tomorrow, they hope for a little sunshine, some by saturday, certainly, with highs in the mid-90's, and humidity-feels like temperature, around 110. more than 600,000 people in the state of louisiana have no power. the troubles here are just going. the waters are not yet receding. hopefully the clouds will go away. it has not stopped raining for as long as i can physically remember. >> licks next. what a horrible set of circumstances for the republicans in tampa sharing the spotlight which is terrible storm. we will get to shannon on a very big night for mitt romney, the night he will introduce himself to much of the country. in fact, we will go do carl cameron for that, first. carl cameron will be up with us next as we approach the bottom of the hour on special "studio
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>>shepard: while in louisiana, they are dealing with flooding across the gulf south, in tampa, they are dealing with politics. it is a big day. mitt romney will have his big speech tonight. the mystery of the convention has been, who is the mystery guest? we have known there is a mystery guess. who do not know who. who do you put on? carl cameron should be able to find out. i hear you have found out. what is the word? >>carl: there is not a lot that is a big surprise at conventions because they are prepackaged. the big question, who is the mystery guy? it got broken a short while ago, the music from the famous western "the good, the bad and
3:25 pm
the ugly," that was enough, the famous whistle, there you go, the campaign had been doing egg they could to keep it a secret to deny it, and the republican national convention all unwilling to take questions of who the guest is. they still will not confirm it but we can tell you the surprise guest is none other than clint eastwood the former mayor of carmel. the podium has been reconstructed for romney's speech when he accepts the nomination from the republican party. we expect a host of people to come out. at some point the would be encourage knee with only a few more hours will do his walk through and there is a possibility for some a bigger celebrity sighting because he, tonight, has to make the address as the mystery or no longer the mystery speaker and he will have to familiarize himself with the podium. for someone would has been around big, big audiences all his life, it could be less daunting for mr. eastwood that
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for romney. >>shepard: i can guess he could handle that. is all that is happening here dampening what is happening there? >>carl: there is a great degree of concern, politically and for the people. they recognize that the president, the candidate, mitt romney, does not want to appear they are not paying attention to the plight of people dealing with the floods and isaac yet they have made sure the show goes on. it is worth noting, two nights ago, ann romney mentioned the storm in her remarks. it is a clear message, it is on people's minds. the candidate, mitt romney, will do the same. there have been routine announcements saying you can text or call or e-mail or send money to the red cross and other relief agencies. they have gone ahead with this fully aware that there is a
3:27 pm
tremendously distracting, personal story, for literally, tens if not hundreds of thousands of people in isaac's path but the rest of the country goes on and that is what the republican campaign has done. they recognize in a country this large that faces so many challenges simultaneously, wraps it is possible to hold a national political convention at the same time a hurricane lands. insofar as at the storm slowed things down and held up in new orleans and stalled there for a few days and brought more rain, there was a time when the romney campaign thought he would go there and visit yesterday or today but because of the storm halting at the shoreline and bringing more flooding they realized it was not appropriate. he wants to get there. one resumes the president will go and take part in his consoler in chief role, but we should expect mitt romney or his running mate to be there, soon, soon after they officially become the republican ticket which is only now, just a few hours away.
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>>shepard: makes perfect sense. next week, when the democrats have their convention in charlotte, the flood waters are still here, the power is still out, and there is still a human moment and, frankly, a political moment to be had, so, we will see how that goes down. carl cameron, looking forward to tonight, and megyn and bret baier will anchor our coverage right here on america's choice for news and information, fox news. we will go to the fox extreme weather center and check on the road difficulties, with hundreds of thousands still without power. all energy development comes with some risk,
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>> live in slidell, louisiana, this is a police vehicle. it has gone out into a neighborhood that is underwater. they usually take media along with them and they bring the trapped resident. that appears to be the case this afternoon. a lot of folks, including a couple on the back, and that is what they have been dealing with all day. people who were stuck inside their homes, had nowhere to go, there was never a prediction this neighborhood was going to flood. never for a minute. nobody thought the winds would go so long and the rains would come for so long and push the water out of lake pontchartrain into the neighborhood. never considered that. it was a small category one
3:33 pm
storm. and then it slowed down. that has created all problems. now to the fox extreme weather center. john -- janice, this has to be move on or everyone will be waterlogged. no, this is rick? rick: it will move faster tomorrow but we still have rain, another 4" to 8" across mississippi and toward arkansas. here is what happened. we had such a long wind coming out of the east and it funneled the water into lake pontchartrain. now the wind has shifted. we have the lake that is full from the surge and now the winds are shifting from the southwest pummeling all the water from the lake pontchartrain to slidell. you had a band of rain go law and that will continue to happen. moving a little bit to the
3:34 pm
northwest just across the louisiana border, macomb, obviously we are worried about lake tangipahoa and if the dam breaches it cause as world of hurt below that. if they get a smaller break they think they can control it. here is the future radar, this is where we are now, we will go forward in time and the center pulls to the north tonight and tomorrow a lot of rain in arkansas. arkansas needs the rain but they will get so much, some spots could be 4" to 6 itch and you have a lot more mountains and hills and that causes flash flooding toward arkansas. that is going to be a concern further inland, the threat for flash flooding. here is what will happen precipitation-wise. it could be another 2" or 3" but tonight and tomorrow it pulls toward arkansas, and missouri, iowa, and spreads further to the east. there is a lot of drought going on, people want moisture here, they will get too much, too
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quickly and it will cause spreading. for the crops, they all dry. so, it will bring rain but no help to this year's season for the crops but any rain this is going to be good. too much coming too soon. where you are, shep, tomorrow morning, a big improvement with sunshine tomorrow. >>shepard: folks in southeast louisiana will be glad to hear that. rick, from the fox extreme weather center. the biggest problem is flooding overrode ways. people are having a hard time figuring out when you can go where. this morning our advanced crews left the hotel in new orleans to go scout locations for us to do like shots in south mississippi. along the way they realized a lot of people may not make it. look at this. >> this is eastbound on interstate 10 right up on lake pontchartrain. they had a serious problem this morning. the water, because of the way the storm is rotating, the winds are pushing right up on to
3:36 pm
interstate 10. so this is lake pontchartrain. all this water came up on to the highway and closed down the right two lanes and it looked like they might have to come over here and close this whole highway down. that would create enormous problems. come over here, they put all of this hay out, you can see the trucks finishing up the process. the hope is they can keep lake pontchartrain inside its banks and keep this highway open. that's the hope. so far, that has happened. some of that was stuff they brought in, others had sea grass coming in from an island across the lake, but there were dead deer and all kind of dead animals on the side of the road but they kept the road open and they have been working on it all day. so far, speaker interchange
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interstate 10 is open and good to go. if you got in south mississippi, and you took a left, you could get to a sleepy down that got a real hit during hurricane katrina. senator lott had a home there. they sustained a lot of damage. now, in this storm, well, we will check in with phil keating. phil: it is recovering, hopefully the rain has stopped as the outer bans have been raking the eastern and southern coast of mississippi for two straight days. most of the people in this neighborhood thought this morning the worst of the worst was over including a family would lives here. they returned from their own voluntary evacuation to be woken up at 7:00 a.m., by the roar of wind, a door made or straight line wind, yet to be determined but the house, which had been rebuilt after being flooded out by hurricane katrina, now, is
3:38 pm
absolutely a total loss. for two straight days the strong winds and pelting rain and long south to north bands of the tropical storm, first a hurricane, have been moving across southern coastal mississippi and has caused damage to houses, closed businesses, sending debris across the area. also, flooding, now, that is the major concern across certain mississippi and now moving up into central and northern mississippi, major flooding issues are rising just like the waters across the street and many thoroughfares are closed off and driving can be treacherous, the national guard in humvees driving around, about 200 people were evacuated for their own safety from jackson county, mississippi, this morning. the biggest frustration for so many across the region has been isaac's stubborn refusal to move along.
3:39 pm
>> the flooding has been terrible. the storm surge and then the torrential rain and the storm would not leave. it stayed on top of us for hours and hours and hours. phil: when this tornado happened the family remain sleeping and their daughter was awake the all three of them escaped without any injuries. not the case for a tow truck driver, north of here, early this morning driving in pouring rain and heavy wind on his way to help somebody out when a large tree toppled over on his cab, killing him. >>shepard: phil keating, leave for us from mississippi this afternoon. >>shepard: the mayor of biloxi is on the line with us. seven years ago you were probably curious whether your town could get back on its feet. how do you look today? >>guest: we did not get a heck
3:40 pm
of a lot of damage this time. isaac came in and kind of --. (inaudible). >> it did not stay very long. it pounded us and pounded us and pounded us but he came through here, and he left. we still got a lot of rain. >>shepard: your cell phone breaking up, mayor, but if viewer whose are not aware you look at the states of mississippi and louisiana, biloxi is on the far eastern side. the folks on the western side, around waveland, the storm sat over them for a while. >>guest: they got it worse than we did. they were on the bad side. we were in the middle of it. we came out pretty good, i think.
3:41 pm
>>shepard: that was the mayor of biloxi on the live line. the folks in biloxi are doing pretty well on this thursday afternoon the we get an update, and this is the first time in days that we have seen an airplane in the air. i don't have any idea who this guy is or what he thinks he is doing but there are feeder batches from the storm -- look, i hope i don't have news from the future working right here but maybe it is somebody with the police department but we have not seen a plane since tampa. not that i remember. we could not even fly in here we had to drive 10 1/2 hours to get here. we will keep a camera on him. i got bad fears about this guy. we will go back to the fox extreme weather center for an update. one more thing, casey on the dam
3:42 pm
up here along the mississippi line. they have had to evacuate some 60,000 people. they said a dam clap was imminent but the governor has dialed it back from that. @
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>>shepard: continuing coverage of tropical storm isaac which is battering the louisiana coastline into mississippi and up louisiana and mississippi, for that matter, it is just relentless. it stops for a couple of minutes and then the bottom falls out. i don't know where the plane went. well watch it. the police are nearby. we got news a moment ago on the dam that is upriver, the dam itself is in near macomb, mississippi, but the area that was in trouble because of downed -- down river flooding is a town
3:46 pm
called robert, louisiana. they punched a hole in the dam for a kind of controlled release to keep it from flooding the homes. casey, there must be relief there? >>casey: relieve but no one wants to think they are out of the clear but the hope with officials in mississippi, is that with the controlled release, they will send all of this water into the state park area, a wooded area, away from the homes and, of course, it would take a lot of pressure off of the dam that feeds the thank -- the tangipahoa river that runs from south mississippi, 122 miles through the state of louisiana, south, and empties into lake pontchartrain. the city of robert, where we are, not the only city or town under the gun. it is actually communities all the way up the river in louisiana, all the way from robert to kentwood, louisiana,
3:47 pm
and the governor jindal took a tour of the kentwood area and was calling for immediate, immediate, immediate evacuation of that area if that dam breaks. again, with the controlled release the hope is it will take pressure off of that dam and it will hold. but you are talking about rain conditions, it is pouring where we are, not as windy but the rain is still coming down and our equipment is saturated which is why we cannot get you like pictures. our satellite truck has had blown fuses and we are scrambling to get the fuses. there is a great concern for the residents. >>shepard: anyone with extra fuses get them to casey in robert, louisiana. no one actually starts to evacuate, right? the initial word from robert was
3:48 pm
that people were packing up and getting out as fast as they could. that is the word, what we heard from the governor at an early press conference, if the dam would have broken the town of kentwood which is south, in louisiana, the first community along the river that was under evacuations it would take 90 minutes for water to start inundating that area. so, this area is 40 miles north of us so there would be heads-up if the dam broke for people in robert. the more immediate threat is further north along the louisiana and mississippi line. >>trace: those rain bands keep coming through, where shepard smith is, and we last his satellite again. when that satellite comes back up we will get back to shepard smith. more context, we do not expect
3:49 pm
the rivers to crest until after midnight which throws another fly in the ointment. next on "studio b" we will give you a preview of what is coming up tonight. maybe the biggest speech of mitt romney's life. it will happen on fox news at 10:00 eastern time, the world will be watching. what will he say?
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>>shepard: eight minutes before 3:00 in slidell, louisiana, where the rain bands keep coming. they keep losing our satellite signal. if you have directv you understand how that works. it rains really hard, the signal is messed up and you cannot see tv. we are shooting tv up from the satellite dish up there and when
3:53 pm
the rain is so heavy and the clouds are so thick with rain, we cannot shoot our signal through the clouds, we cannot televise so we stand here and get rained on. how is the weather if los angeles, trace? >> 72 and sunny. before i let you go, we have been watching for four or five days and it seems to me that there is still this very unease in new orleans and mississippi. is it your sense there is a great dial of work to be done before the people down there in the big easy and those surrounding areas are confident with the way the levee system is being rebuilt in >>shepard: i think so. there are 133 miles of federally protected areas inside the levees. plaquemines parish is not in that area. if you are outside that, you do not know.
3:54 pm
for people inside it, they is gotten a lot of rain and spent $10.5 billion, almost $14 billion this and it is supposed to survive 100 year storm. it is a combination of factors that make it a 100 year storm. they are supposed to be able to survive that. katrina was not a 100 year storm because it did not hit new orleans, it hit south miss. in new orleans they are waiting. if they get a 100 year storm they hold their breath and hope and hopefully next time they send the buses because last time they did not send the buses and a bunch of people drowned. next time everything held and it was great do see. the way the governmental organizations are working together has been terrific and, also, the way they kept law and order on streets of new orleans, last night we walked up and down the streets in new orleans and
3:55 pm
it was evacuated. new orleans gets an a+, i think. >>trace: they are saying it will be a tighter ship in and around new orleans. thank you. now, a national political reporter for real clear politics and the subject at hand, is mitt romney's big we speech tonight. even americans, the undecided americans who are done with president obama, they still need a reason to vote for mitt romney. what does he have to do tonight to make those undecided voters feel comfortable with him as a choice. >>guest: well, you just mentioned it right there. people do not have a good understanding about mitt romney other than he was a wildly successful businessman. they do not know much about his vision. he says he has one. he has to show some emotion and say what that is. that is the most important point, showing emotion and
3:56 pm
telling americans what drives him. >>trace: we have been told that mitt romney has then up at the arena and will have a walk through. when that happens we will show you. he, really, has been running for president, new, for the better part of six years with a very limited time tonight to define himself to the american people. what do you think quickly that he should focus on tonight? attacking obama or building up mitt romney. >>guest: he has been attacking obama for a long-term and has been forceful trying to disqualify obama. he has to build up mitt romney. he will talk about his biography. his father is very important to him. i'm sure he will talk a lot about that and how that has driven him. >>trace: thank you erin. the big speech tonight is 10:00 p.m. eastern and now, back to the east side of lake pontchartrain in slidell, louisiana.
3:57 pm
>>shepard: on the north sure of the lake they are trying to get people out of the water. we have seen boats and residents from the neighborhood trying to help and people with machines pushing away the dirt. we will have continuing coverage throughout the might and a wrap up tonight on the fox report. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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